To be Chinese's own high-precision CTD--the road of research and development of Qingdao Daowan Technology Co., Ltd.
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In October this year, at the China Ocean Economy Expo held in Shenzhen, a manufacturer of self-developed high-precision CTD, Qingdao Daowan Technology Co., Ltd., attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign professional visitors and buyers. "The company is committed to breaking foreign monopolies and creating national brands," Howard Chang, founder of Daowan, said in his introduction of the company's development philosophy, "'Being the Chinese's own high-precision CTD' is my original intention to start the company.

Aiming at "high precision" and investing in research and development

CTD is an indispensable instrument for ocean scientific research. It can measure the temperature, conductivity and depth of seawater. Based on these three parameters, various physical and chemical parameters, such as salinity, sound velocity and density, can also be calculated. In the ocean scientific expedition, when the rose water collector equipped with CTD reaches the specified water depth, the expedition team gives it an instruction, and the plugs at the top and bottom of the corresponding water collection bottle will be closed, so that the seawater of the corresponding water layer can be obtained sample. By analyzing seawater samples, scientific researchers can understand the physical and chemical environment characteristics of seawater in this sea area, as well as the composition of phytoplankton communities.



CTD (POM shell)


Howard Chang, who graduated from Ocean University of China in 2004, has been engaged in the introduction of international advanced marine instruments and equipment. Based on being familiar with the most advanced ocean survey instruments and equipment in the world, and understanding the most cutting-edge ocean technology trends and market conditions, he established Daowan Company in October 2016, focusing on independent technology development, product manufacturing and technology of high-precision CTD Services, especially for the research and development of products in extreme water environment (deep sea, polar).

According to incomplete statistics, 90% of the large-scale instruments and precision sensors currently used in domestic marine scientific investigations are purchased from foreign brands. In order to break the monopoly of foreign brands, Howard Chang decided to devote himself to the development of high-precision CTD technology.

Overcoming multiple "stuck neck" technologies

Instrument research and development involves feasibility study of the scheme, key technology research, software and hardware design of functional modules, instrument assembly and performance testing. From small components to instruments that can be used underwater, the process is extremely complex. "From hardware design, software development to experimental analysis, the process is difficult, but step by step, when a real product is realized according to its own expectations, you will feel that everything is worth it." Howard Chang was very pleased. .

The power consumption of underwater equipment is a problem that marine scientific researchers often pay attention to. In order to reduce the power consumption of its own products, Daowan continuously improves the circuit design, tries various latest electronic devices, and gradually reduces the CTD sleep standby current to below 40 microamperes, which maximizes the battery life and improves the equipment. Long-term monitoring stability.

CTD (with frame)


CTD (Titanium alloy shell)


In May 2019, Daowan built a high-precision CTD calibration system. Through the operation of the two-stage temperature control water tank, the temperature control accuracy reached ± 0.002 ℃, thereby ensuring the high-precision calibration of the sensor. The accuracy of temperature and salt depth sensors can reach the first level of national measurement standards and marine survey specifications, and can meet most of the requirements of marine environmental monitoring.

Over the years, Daowan has conquered a number of "neck neck" technologies and obtained more than 10 patents, gradually mastering all the core technologies of high-precision CTD manufacturing, from sensors to watertight connectors, from measuring circuits to sensor calibration systems , All domestic procurement or independent research and development and production, the localization rate of the whole machine reached 99%, and achieved the goal of "independent control of key technologies".

Committed to creating well-known brands

"At present, the annual consumption of CTD nationwide is more than 5,000 units. With the gradual establishment and improvement of China's ocean, river, lake and groundwater monitoring networks, the consumption will become larger and larger, and it is expected to reach 10,000 units in 10 years." Howard Chang Said, "Daowan CTD's price is about 30% of the imported products with the same performance, which has broken the monopoly of foreign CTD brands in the Chinese market and filled the gap of domestic CTD technology, allowing Chinese users and even users around the world to have more and more Good choice."

Hundreds of CTDs independently developed by Daowan have sold hundreds of units at present. Customers include China Ocean University, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 715 Research Institute, National Marine Environmental Monitoring Center of Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Harbin Engineering University, Nanhai Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences , The first marine research institute of the Ministry of Natural Resources and other well-known marine research institutions, as well as professional clients from South Korea and Germany.

Howard Chang said, "My wish is to create a world-leading marine instrument company. My dream is to transform Daowan Da into China's first-class, world-renowned high-precision CTD brand with independent intellectual property rights."