Application of Multi Sediment Trap of HYDRO-BIOS in Sediment dynamics research

        Multi Sediment Trap (MST24) of hydro-bios participated in the luoyuan bay Sediment dynamics research project of state oceanic administration. Luoyuan bay is located in the northeast coast of fujian province, about 50 kilometers north of the mouth of minjiang river. Luoyuan bay has the conditions for the construction of dongfang port. Since the 11th five-year plan period, luoyuan bay has become a key port in fujian province. Luoyuan bay in the administrative division of fuzhou city, the north coast is luoyuan county, the south coast is lianjiang county. According to the planning of the economic zone on the west coast of the straits, it is listed as the deep-water outer port of fuzhou port. Luoyuan bay plays an important role in the development of ports in fujian province and even in China. By placing MST24 in luoyuan bay for a long period of time, the researchers successfully captured a large number of representative natural deposition, which provided real and reliable data for the study of the sedimentary dynamics of luoyuan bay.